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Our team has decades of experience in 3D, Virtual Reality, and cross-platform media. We have worked on every continent with a vast array of major entertainment companies, NGOs, and government organizations for the capture of next generation immersive media for science, conservation, digital preservation, and entertainment.

Corey Jaskolski - Chief Technology Officer

Corey Jaskolski is an inventor, engineer, National Geographic Fellow, magazine photographer, AR and VR developer, and an explorer who specializes in creating technologies for some of the most challenging environments on Earth. Jaskolski has degrees in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. Early in his career, he founded Hydro Technologies, an engineering company that specialized in building sensing and imaging solutions for the world’s toughest environments. At Hydro Technologies, his clients included DARPA, NASA, half a dozen departments in the US Navy, and the US Special Forces (SOCOM). 

Jaskolski has developed a suite of exploration technologies including search drones, robotic underwater camera systems, color night vision platforms, 3D scanning camera traps, and underwater laser scanners. His technical imaging and scanning work has taken him to some of the world's most sacred and beautiful  places including dives in the frigid waters of Antarctica for VR capture, 3D scanning in the Tomb of Jesus, working 12,500’ deep in a 3-man submersible on the wreck of the Titanic, spherical image capture inside Tut’s tomb, aerial LIDAR scanning of Chichen Itza, VR capture in some of Italy’s most iconic cathedrals, and deep into caves containing Mayan human sacrifice victims for 3D scanning.

Jaskolski is also the founder of the non-profit Digital Preservation Project focused on preserving threatened archaeology through 3D scanning. He holds numerous technology patents. Jaskolski’s work often appears in National Geographic Magazine, online, in various television specials on PBS and the National Geographic Channels, in scientific journals, and in various international magazines. Jaskolski serves as a member of the board of directors at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Mark Bauman - Chief Executive Officer


Mark Bauman has been recognized with numerous broadcast, web and print journalism honors, including an Emmy, more than a dozen Cine Golden Eagles, and various film festival awards. Before taking the helm at Virtual Wonders, he oversaw the Smithsonian Institution’s commercial media units, including Smithsonian and Air & Space Magazines, Smithsonian Books, Smithsonian.com, and the Smithsonian Channel partnership with Showtime.

Previously, Bauman served as Chairman of National Geographic’s Cross Platform Committee, and as EVP of National Geographic Television, where he oversaw more than 400 hours of programming, as well as National Geographic’s Digital Studio (which tripled the Society’s YouTube traffic, garnering more than a billion streams).

Before National Geographic, Bauman, who is fluent in Spanish, Russian, Czech and Italian, was based in Eastern Europe and Latin America for ABC News. He has covered war and genocide in Central Africa, Lebanon, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, for some of the best broadcast and print media outlets in the world.

Mark serves on the Boards of the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Archipelago, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, the Ocean Exchange, the Marine Fish Conservation Network, and the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment.

Kenny Broad - Chief Exploration Officer

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Kenny Broad is widely recognized as one of the most versatile explorers on the planet and was named the National Geographic Explorer of the Year in 2011, along with the late Wes Skiles. He has participated in extreme scientific and filmmaking expeditions on every continent - studying cocaine distribution in Jamaica, exploring the planet’s deepest caves, and tracking the illegal trade in venomous snakes in Southeast Asia. 

Kenny regularly collaborates with ecologists, climatologists, hydrologists, psychologists and a host of other strange ‘ologists’. In addition to dozens of academic publications on topics ranging from risk perception to climate change to marine resource management, his work appears regularly in print and television, including the cover of National Geographic Magazine.

Kenny received his PhD in environmental anthropology in 1999 from Columbia University and holds multiple ratings as a helicopter pilot, technical diver, and merchant mariner. He is a professor at the University of Miami’s (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, is Director of UM’s Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, and Co-Directs the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions at Columbia University. He is a sought after public speaker, educator, travel guide, stunt double and expedition leader.

Akasha Sutherland - Director of Communications and Outreach


Akasha Sutherland is an intrepid explorer, diver, photographer and conservationist who strives to connect communities with their ever-changing environments. Prior to joining Virtual Wonders, Sutherland served as project manager for Oceans 8 Films, working alongside National Geographic filmmaker Jon Bowermaster. In 2015, she organized and managed the film tour of Dear President Obama, successfully screening in over 60 cities in both the United States and abroad.  

As a divemaster, Sutherland takes a special interest in marine conservation. Every year Akasha partners with photographer Karim Iliya to photograph and document pristine underwater ecosystems. Most recently they explored the Maldives and the far reaches of the Indonesian archipelago Raja Ampat, in an effort to bring awareness to the increasing concerns of climate change, plastic pollution and overfishing. Sutherland also helped create the first ever WWF Earth Hour submerged diving event while working as campaign coordinator in Sydney, Australia.

Akasha leads a nomadic lifestyle, having worked and lived in Ethiopia, Hawaii, Guatemala, Indonesia, Turks & Caicos, Australia, Uganda, Argentina, and coffee shops around the world.  She joined Virtual Wonders as Director of Communications with an intent to use the power of media to protect the planet's most vulnerable places and nurture people's innate curiosity.

Chris Millbern - Director of Field Operations


Chris Millbern is an explorer, photographer and interdisciplinary scientist with a fond love for all things underwater and a knack for picking the toughest jobs offered to him. His photographic work is currently featured online with National Geographic and spans international adoption by government agencies, universities, non-profits, and major corporations alike.

Chosen as the 2016 North American Rolex Scholar for his achievements in hyperbaric medicine, Chris has since joined three National Geographic expeditions, written for both Diver Medic Magazine and National Geographic’s Explorer’s Journal, and has assisted research, conservation, or exploration projects in 19 U.S. states and 16 countries.

He is trained as a N.O.A.A. Diving Medical Officer, dive medic, certified hyperbaric technologist, wilderness E.M.T., and has academic publications in ecological and medical journals with topics ranging from crocodile parasitology to carbon monoxide interventions through the UCLA Gonda Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine.


Jeffrey Ian Wilson - Art Director and VFX Supervisor


Jeffrey Ian Wilson is an inventor, photographer, 3D artist, and pioneer in the realm of scanning for virtual and augmented reality applications. He began his career as a marine wildlife documentary videographer, but later moved into the 3D visualization and simulation industry leading consulting and training with companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA.

In the early 2000s, Jeff moved to the visual effects and games industry by joining the teams behind X-Men 2 and Activision's Call of Duty series. He continued to work with some of the biggest names in the visual effects industry as a consultant in 3D scanning and post processing for such films as Fast and the Furious 8 and Solo: A Star Wars Story, as well as video game companies such as Ubisoft, Activision, Sony and Electronic Arts.

Jeff has joined Virtual Wonders as Art Director and VFX Supervisor intent on bringing the world's treasures to center stage


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