Our Company 


Join the greatest Explorers In The World, as they push deep inside remote ice and crystal caves… newly discovered Egyptian, Maya and Aztec tombs…discover the bones of an ancient cave bear…go on a religious pilgrimage...descend onto a series of iconic shipwrecks... or rocket toward the ocean’s surface in the middle of a pod of Humpback Whales, as they breach through frozen seas to feed.

Virtual Wonders is a MULTI-PLATFORM 3D MEDIA COMPANY that creates immersive experiences for every major media platform, including AR, VR, Mobile and Console Gaming, Premium Large Format Screens, Video, Stills, Exhibits, 3D Printing, and beyond!

With Virtual Wonders, you don’t just watch the story... You live it!  

Our Mission

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•To democratize exploration by syndicating immersive cross-platform experiences from the most iconic cultural sites and wildlife landscapes on the planet, creating a high end boutique library of “must have” 3D spatial data for VR, AR, mobile platforms, console games, film, 3D printing, education and science. 

• To market this unique collection of 3D data to drive substantial profits for our shareholders, and substantial benefits for our stakeholders in science, conservation, and gateway communities.

• To continue to advance the technologies and content that define the future of scalable immersive experiences.

• To be the “go to” resource for national stakeholders, spiritual communities, scientists, explorers and conservationists, by developing a suite of best practice cultural protocols, intellectual property protections, and appropriate revenue shares back to rights holders, stakeholders, and protectors of the sites and objects that we scan.

• To strive to increase underrepresented groups in the fields of engineering, science, and media in the production and public presentation of cutting edge immersive experiences.