How It Works

We specialize in creating fully explorable, ultra-high resolution 3D environments, based on real world capture of some of the most special places on the planet. Our immersive media places you at the center of iconic expeditions, and virtual pilgrimages that don’t just recreate the environments in stunning detail … they recreate the power of the actual experience, including all the wonder of discovery.

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01: Capture

We use a suite of custom and off-the-shelf tools to capture large sites and discrete objects.

- Our team has scanned 100s of discreet objects from achaeological finds in the field to museum pieces.

- From huge archaeological sites like Petra and Chichen Itza to mammoth national parks, we have a unique capability to scan large environments with photo-realistic results.

- Specialized in live-animal scans.

- Our team has scanned some of the most delicate and sacred places on earth, in ways that respect critical scientific and ethical protocols, and provide high grade science and site management tools.

- We use 3D photogrammetry, aerial and terrestrial LIDAR, textured light scanners, long range drones, sonar, underwater laser scanners, underwater camera systems, ground penetrating radar, aerial camera systems, and full body digitization methods.


02: Process

Through our custom workflow, we take these ultra-dense point clouds and generate high-resolution polygonal geometry, and texture sites, and process them for virtual and augmented reality. 

- Our highly specialized VFX and 3D design team is capable of rendering, coding, and texturizing, projects of any size.

- We use purpose built, high-speed, liquid cooled computers, to decrease processing time from months to weeks.

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03: Deploy

We can produce the final media, as virtual sets for television or film in 2D and 3D, as 3D museum exhibits, cell phone apps, web tours, VR or AR immersive experiences, as well as interactive educational tools

100% tailorable to your company's vision for each project.

-Our data can be used as hyper-real environments for gaming.

- Our finished data integrates seamlessly into modern immersive museum exhibits and has set attendance records for partners like The National Geographic Museum.

- Our data and modeling can be used for site and biodiversity protection.