Stockton Rush, OceanGate CEO - Titanic Expedition 2019

“Virtual Wonders is a team of talented individuals who share our passion to discover our planet’s most extraordinary sites without damaging them. We are honored to have them join the expedition.” 

For more information on this upcoming project, check out the recent CBS article and read the latest press release HERE.  

Susan Poulton, Chief Digital Officer - The Franklin Institute

"Virtual Wonders has been a fantastic partner supporting several projects at The Franklin Institute, including photogrammetric scanning of collection objects and the development of several augmented and virtual reality experiences. The breadth of expertise the entire VW team has in emerging technologies is an incredible asset!"


Chris Boyes, Expeditions Leader - The Okavango Wilderness Project

“Thanks so much to your team coming out for the scan, it was amazing having the opportunity to join on the scanning flights, learning about the technology and applications, and looking to the future!

And thanks so much to Akasha for instigating the outreach with the Oculus. We got out to the remote village of Jedibe, the last 100% Bayeyi (the people of the delta) village in the delta, only accessible by water. The community absolutely loved the experience, and it was epic to see how this technology can transport people to places of inspiration instantly! The community really appreciated the gesture, and this has added to the continued strengthening of our relations with them.

Hopefully we can do some more collaborations in the future, these scans are going to be such important conservation and research tools!”


Taher Falahat, Archaeologist - Petra Archaeological Park

"In June 2018 I had the opportunity to work with the very talented Virtual Wonders team in Petra, Jordan. Every single member of the team is an expert in his/her field and  
although my training was over a few short weeks, I was able to work with each team member individually.  

As a member of the Petra Archaeological Park ( PAP ), the training supplied me with the necessary skills to better document the sites in order to ensure sustainability. 

With Kenny, I learned how to laser scan and about the data in which it provides us. With Corey I learned a lot about how to fly and operate drones. Finally, Akasha taught me all about photogrammetry and how I can use simple devices like my cell phone to create 3D models. She also trained me in how to use strobes in dark places like tombs. I really loved this part."



Michael Caruso, Executive Editor - Smithsonian Magazine

"One of Mark's greatest strengths is his unique ability to reach across disciplines. He can talk storytelling with top-shelf writers, editors and producers, and talk business realities and opportunities with hard-nosed CFOs and CEOs. He is on the cutting-edge of virtual reality, broadcast news and entertainment, digital storytelling and new business development. He can speak profit and nonprofit fluently, and knows how to fix the weaknesses and optimize the strengths of both."



Dr. Allan Adams, PI - Future Ocean Lab at MIT

“We’re thrilled to conduct our first field-test with Virtual Wonders in one of the most spectacular sites imaginable [Hultun, Mexico]. This technology is very much in its infancy; it’s nothing short of magical to get to test it out in a cradle of human civilization."

* With Regards to a collaboration between Virtual Wonders and MIT professor Allan Adams to create the first ever underwater ‘Depth Camera,’ used for 3D scanning.